The Piano That Plays Itself - PianoDisc conversion for upright and grand pianos to allow the piano to play without a pianist.
The ultimate hi-fi system - live music in your home whenever you want it.

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228CFX - The Flexible Player Piano System


Imagine your piano reproducing the performances of Rachmaninoff, Horowith or Rubinstein - some of the greatest artists the world has known. Imagine listening to Broadway show tunes, jazz improvisations or Latin favourites - every genre of music - played on your piano. Imagine PianoDisc.

PianoDisc lets you set the stage for any occasion, with the perfect musical selections played as vividly as if the artists were performing them right before your eyes.

Now PianoDisc expands your possibilities even further with the 228CFX, a virtual reality player system that offers all of PianoDisc's unique features in one powerful package. With the 228CFX, you can play 3.5" floppy disks, specially formatted PianoCDs or even access Music Expansion, PianoDisc's extraordinary flash memory storage system. The 228CFX also features PianoDisc's revolutionary SilentDrive system, which allows your piano to play with full expression, even at whisper soft levels.

PianoDisc's 228CFX: an all-in-one control unit* that combines state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled piano performance. (*only with all upgrade options)


SilentDrive is PianoDisc's exclusive, patented technology.  Its four boards consist of one CPU (central processing unit) and three custom ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) chip-driven boards. The boards communicate using a type of serial information link that runs faster than MIDI. This electronic link allows for the almost instantaneous changes to the solenoid's speed when a new command is given. With SilentDrive, PianoDisc systems play at much quieter levels, with whisper quiet movement of the solenoids and incredible dynamic expression.

Remote Control

Full-featured remote control provides convenient access to your favourite songs and features. Control the volume, tempo, transpose or balance. Easy to use reset feature returns your PianoDisc to preset levels.


The SymphonyPRO Sound Card

Brings live music ... to your home
When you add the SymphonyPRO built-in sound module to your PianoDisc system you'll enjoy realistic performances of woodwinds, strings, brass, drums and a host of other instruments accompanying your piano. With 128-sound GM instrumentation, SymphonyPro brings a whole new dimension to your piano performances.

The several ensembles include Jazz Combos, Big Band sounds and also a string quartet.

All pieces will be played with the fine nuances and the complexity of the best "live music".

You can also activate the muting of your instrument and listen to the orchestra accompaniment via headphones.

PianoDisc systems play music with a most progressive technology that is easy to operate and available for a very good price/performance ratio.

MX - Storage options

32 Megabytes of flash storage ( 64 Megabytes at MX-Option Platinum )
25 hours of purely piano music are already preinstalled. Title overview available on the Internet. (Extra 10 hours of Symphony music at the MX-Option Platinum )
The MX-Storage options Acoustic and Platinum can be installed subsequently in all 228CFX and PDS-128 PLUS systems. (PDS-128 PLUS only ex Rev.B)
You will arrive at the functions of the MX-Option via remote control or the front panel.
A safe storage medium, similar to a hard drive but without flexible parts. Therefore, there is almost no default risk.
The MX-Option supports different file formats, e.g also MIDI files (Format 0).
Music can be recorded directly to a library via the TFT record option.
Stores hours of favorite selections.
12 libraries to organize your songs
Individual songs, or an entire library, can be erased or renamed.
Disk and song copy features allow a single song or an entire disk to be copied into a library.
Scope can be limited to one library or expanded to all libraries.
Supports all of the current PianoDisc 228CFX or PDS-128 PLUS functions (where applicable).
Play can be shuffle through one library, or shuffle through all libraries..
CE, UL and FCC Approved.

QuietTime- Mute Rail

The QuietTime mute rail can be installed supplementary in almost every upright or grand piano whether it is a new or a used instrument.

It mutes the acoustic sound of the piano while an iron angle, provided with industry foam catches the hammers before they strike the piano strings.

The mute rail is activated by moving a small lever beneath the finger board.

With the QuietTime mute rail your instrument can be played as a Silent Piano or a normal acoustic piano.

The installation of the QuietTime mute rail causes the least possible change on your upright or grand piano, especially in reference to the release.

PianoAmp Mono-Special microphone for pianos

If you wish to amplify the sound of a piano, you will hardly find a better solution than this microphone/pre-amplifier system. Manufactured by one of most famous name in the range of amplication of acoustic instruments.

A single PianoAmp system does the work, for which you usually need several microphones and a multi channel mixer.

The system can be fixed on both sides of the sounding board, without drilling holes or tightening screws.

The PianoAmp system reproduces the whole frequency range with a perfect frequency balance. It provides an excellent isolated recording, separated from ambient sounds and also inhibits sounds which come from the pedaling action and the keyboard.

TFT MIDI Record System

PianoDisc's progressive and patented Touch Film Technology (TFT) is a musical recording system that captures every element of your original performance. The TFT Record System is indispensable for learning and composing, at home, at a conservatory and/or at a recording studio.

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