The Piano That Plays Itself - PianoDisc conversion for upright and grand pianos to allow the piano to play without a pianist.
The ultimate hi-fi system - live music in your home whenever you want it.

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Convert Your Piano

PianoDisc can be fitted into any acoustic piano - upright or grand. You can have a simple PianoCD system that just plays the piano, with  speakers to give accompaniment.

PianoDisc's 228CFX system allows you to play via floppy disks, PianoCDs or flash memory.

The iQ system lets you play tunes via a laptop or MP3 player and can also play special PianoDisc DVDs.

The top of the range system, Opus7, incorporates a wireless tablet interface, internet connection and direct access to all of PianoDisc's music catalogue.

You can also have PianoDisc fitted into a new or secondhand piano of your choice. Visit our website to see our range of new and pre-owned pianos, all of which can be fitted with a PianoDisc PianoCD system from just 4,750.

See a pre-owned Ronisch Upright piano in our showroom:


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