The Piano That Plays Itself - PianoDisc conversion for upright and grand pianos to allow the piano to play without a pianist.
The ultimate hi-fi system - live music in your home whenever you want it.

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iQ - The Intelligent Player Piano System

The iQ player system can be operated from your choice of external devices, including music delivery devices like MP3 players.

iQ uses PianoDisc's patented SilentDrive technology to play the piano with full expression even at whisper-soft levels. iQ can play music from PianoDisc's extensive library, either by download or CDs, and can also play music from special PianoVideo DVDs.

iQ's electronics are hidden within the piano. The system can be controlled by any number of devices---the user can choose his own---including technologically advanced music delivery devices, like MP3 players, and from iTunes® installed on a laptop or desktop.

iQ is shown controlled by an MP3 player; the piano is playing via the PianoVideo seen on the screen.

The center of the iQ system is PianoDisc’s patented 88-note SilentDrive™ playback system. SilentDrive’s electronics are virtually invisible in the piano yet they control all aspects of a performance from key to pedal response. Thanks to SilentDrive’s patented technology, iQ plays the piano with the musical equivalent of high definition: full expression performances that are guaranteed to dazzle the listener.

iQ can be operated by your choice of devices. You can use an MP3 player, play music from CDs and DVDs, or download PianoDisc music to iTunes and play the piano through your laptop or desktop. As with MP3 players, you can control the volume and song selection directly from the iTunes interface.

iQ also integrates with Smart Homes, connected homes, home audio and home theatre systems. With this last combination, you can play a PianoDisc PianoVideo™. As you watch the pianist play on the screen, the music he’s performing will play live on your piano. These thrilling video performances are available in standard or high definition.

iQ plays music from the entire PianoDisc music library, which includes performances by scores of award winning artists, including Grammy winners, Billboard Top-Ten artists and the winners of major international piano competitions.

iQ also plays PianoSync™ music, which combines a new, live piano accompaniment with the hit CDs of musical superstars.

iQ takes the traditional piano to places it’s never been---to a whole new world of entertainment possibilities.

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