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Opus7 is a cutting-edge wireless system that not only plays your piano with breathtaking accuracy and artistry but also connects to the Internet, opening a world of possibilities.

The Ultimate Piano Performance
Opus7 is the new standard for player piano technology. Now as never before, this advanced player system brings the world’s finest piano performances to your piano. Dynamic. Breathtaking. Live. Plus, this exciting new technology turns your piano into a sophisticated home entertainment system with an astounding line-up of features and benefits including Internet connectivity. (See Internet-Ready below.)

The Invisible System
Opus7 is the invisible system—all of its electronics are hidden within the piano. With Opus7, there’s nothing to spoil the beauty and classic lines of your instrument.

Wireless Control
A wireless, touchscreen conductor tablet allows full control of Opus7. This lightweight and user-friendly device lets you control Opus7 from any room in your home—even through walls! (Results may vary depending on environmental conditions.) Opus7’s flexible architecture lets you chose the interface you see on the screen: the elegant Flash, or the speedy, simple HTML. You can operate your piano with a PDA, desktop, notebook and other web-enabled devices.

Music Expansion —MX3 True Stereo
Opus7’s enormous capacity hard drive stores a virtually limitless number of songs. With one source for your MIDI files and PianoDisc music, you can organize, arrange and categorize custom play lists and libraries based on theme, occasion, musical style or any other classification. Turn on Opus7, select one of your MX3 libraries and enjoy hours of music without once changing a disk or CD. Loaded with 40 hours of FREE PianoDisc music, MX3 plays solo piano performances with true digital stereo accompaniment for the fullest listening experience.

Opus7 is *Internet-ready for broadband users (not all broadband connections are supported) to surf the web, receive mail, check stocks or download music from remote locations. You can also download music from and receive software upgrades automatically to your system when it’s not in use.

Network Ready
With its built-in wireless network access, Opus7 can connect to a variety of network-enabled devices. With this feature, the user interface is accessible from any compatible PC, Macintosh or network appliance. MX3 is accessible from networked PC or Macintosh computers. (Certain restrictions apply. PianoDisc cannot support integration with every network. User must be experienced in network management or consult with a professional before integrating Opus7 with existing equipment or network.)

Open Architecture
The Opus7 design allows for a wide array of current and future hardware and software enhancements. Design includes convenient USB ports.

Customized Play Lists
User-definable play lists allow you to customize what music to play. Create play lists for every occasion! Program your piano to start and stop playing at a preset time.

SilentDrive and NRC
Opus7’s SilentDrive and Note Release Control (NRC) provide precise dynamic control of the piano’s keys and pedals. These revolutionary patented technologies have forever changed player system performance by providing greater fidelity and expression for each note and unparalleled low-volume control.

SilentDrive Plus is the latest enhancement to this technology. It is available as an update. Contact your local PianoDisc dealer or PianoDisc directly to obtain this easy to install update... and a free bonus disc!

SymphonyPro Orchestration
This state-of-the-art, built-in sound card provides up to 128 different sampled sounds that can individually accompany the piano performance. Everything from bass and drums in a jazz trio, to a whole symphony orchestra can play along with your piano.

Extreme Multimedia Entertainment
Opus7 is the ultimate home entertainment system for any occasion. Listen to live piano performances with true live stereo accompaniment, over a wide variety of amplification and output systems, including whole-house audio systems or piano-mounted speakers via Opus7’s stereo output connectors.

Opus7 plays a wide variety of music from many different media sources:
Standard MIDI files (Type 0 and 1)
Opus7’s floppy disk drive allows you to copy floppy diskettes from PianoDisc and a wide variety of Standard MIDI file publishers to MX3, for the most convenient storage and playback. (Note: Playback of non-PianoDisc media is supported but cannot be guaranteed.)
Opus7’s CD drive allows you to copy PianoCDs as well as standard audio CDs (without playing the piano) to MX3 for the most convenient storage and playback
Opus7 uses USB ports to connect the CD and floppy drives
Opus7 is *Internet-ready for broadband users to play music from
The modular MIDI interface provides connectivity to your piano as well as a variety of external MIDI and audio devices:
A bi-directional 6-pin SDL connection enables communication with the playback and record features of your piano. Three 5-pin DIN connectors that provide MIDI IN, MIDI OUT and MIDI THRU allow easy integration with external MIDI equipment. Stereo line-level RCA output jacks allow connection to all external audio equipment.

Opus7’s unique PianoSync technology plays your piano in sync with the original hit recordings of superstars like Billy Joel, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Sting, Celine Dion and Tony Bennett. While their real CDs play through your stereo speakers, PianoSync plays a live piano accompaniment. PianoSync performances add a thrilling new dimension to the music—they are as sophisticated and exciting as the CDS they accompany.

Music Library
Opus7 is supported by a music library with thousands of titles in every style of music from classical to classic rock, recorded by Grammy winners, Billboard Top Ten artists and major international piano competition winners. Many of these recordings also feature world-class vocalists and a host of fabulous musicians ranging from a violin virtuoso to a full symphony orchestra.

Opus7 Options

Performance Upgrade (includes TFT MIDI Record, PianoMute Rail and Stereo Headphones)
Multi- track Recording
Opus7 is a recording studio in your home! You can use it to archive your own piano performances, and with onboard sounds, you can record different parts on individual tracks to create your own background accompaniment.
MIDI Controller
This feature will turn your acoustic piano into a MIDI Controller. With this system you can use your acoustic piano's keyboard to record music to a computer, send keyboard and pedal data to a digital piano, external sound module, sequencer or other MIDI device.
QuietTime transforms your acoustic piano into an electronic keyboard. Enjoy all of the fun features that make digital instruments so appealing without sacrificing your acoustic instrument’s superior sound and touch. When you activate QuietTime’s mute mechanism, the piano sound is created digitally and channeled through headphones, for a private performance.

AudioForte A spectacular listening experience is yours with AudioForte, a remarkable sound system designed for use with a PianoDisc-equipped piano. This remarkable system actually turns the soundboard of a piano into the perfect speaker, capable of reproducing sound with astounding clarity and accuracy.

PianoAmp (Microphone Pickup) - Designed to “mike” an acoustic piano, the pickup attaches to the soundboard of the piano, and connects to an audio input on the Opus7. The acoustic piano and orchestrated accompaniment will be heard anywhere there are speakers. Excellent for use with whole house audio or surround sound systems. The results are nothing short of incredible.

Further info on the PianoDisc website:

* Note: not all broadband connections are supported. Internet access requires subscription to and Internet Service Provider. Check ISP rules before connecting to any network. Checking email requires a web-based service. Customer is responsible for network security. PianoDisc cannot guarantee support for third-party sites. Wireless results may vary by location.


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