The Piano That Plays Itself - PianoDisc conversion for upright and grand pianos to allow the piano to play without a pianist.
The ultimate hi-fi system - live music in your home whenever you want it.

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PianoCD - The Single Media Player System

For piano concerts with accompaniment and/or singing in CD quality

With the PianoCD Player Piano System, the world's greatest music is faithfully reproduced and skillfully performed on your grand or upright piano. The PianoCD system provides the playback of your favourite music in highest quality, using the most modern technology. The flat, very thin PianoCD control unit sits unobtrusively under the keyboard and can be controlled by the remote control.
The PianoCD system also provides each piano key with 127 different levels of expression so it plays your piano with all the dynamic range from live music ... and all that in an enjoyable atmosphere in your home.

Piano concerts and more

Choose from Top 40 favourites such as Tony Bennett, Frankie Valli, or choose Grammy award winning favourites to bring mood and sentiment to any party. A pianist can also play the piano while the PianoCD system is only playing the accompaniment on the speakers.

Altogether there are thousands of thrilling piano performances in the following musical categories:


Country & Western




New Age


Musical Memories


Jukebox Favorites

Artist Series

Theme Series

Candlelight & Wine



SilentDrive - The perfect background

If you want to enjoy pleasant music just in the background during a private dinner party, then the unique, patented SILENT DRIVE technology powering PianoDisc player piano systems is perfect. It provides the following benefits:

  • It plays whisper soft music on the piano with all of the dynamic expression .
  • You can adjust the volume, and maintain the music's subtlety and complexity.
  • Every touch, every nuance of the original performance is captured and artistically communicated.
  • Bypass allows the PianoCD to function as a standard CD player.

PianoCD is part of a family of technologically advanced products that are easy to operate and bring the world's greatest music to your piano... live... with just the touch of a button.

Further info at the PianoDisc website:

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